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Juju 4 years ago
Juju on da beat
3 months ago
I’m the U.S. the speed limit is 70 mph. How many people obey that? The last person says in the U.S. strippers have to keep their panties on? Like every strip club abides by the law every single day. Dude, stfu and beat your cock of to the video.
King Carl 1 year ago
This is a good video
What country does she strip 1 year ago
in? USA you have to leave panties on, in Canada there's no touching! I'm starting to wonder if this girl is a stripper?
3 years ago
My turn
2 months ago
The version with Alex Tanner was better
LongDukDong 3 years ago
Ewwwww!!! The quality in these woman over the past 10yrs is very sad. It’s depressing to even continue after 45sec of this video